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Spray Cleaning Machine TS-L-WP Series


TS-L-WP series spray cleaners are mainly used for surface cleaning of heavy parts. The operator puts the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning platform of the studio through the hoisting tool (self-provided), after confirming that the parts do not exceed the working range of the platform, close the protective door, and start the cleaning with one key. During the cleaning process, the cleaning platform rotates 360 degrees driven by the motor, the spray pump extracts the cleaning tank liquid to wash the parts at multiple angles, and the rinsed liquid is filtered and reused; The fan will extract the hot air; finally, the end command is issued, the operator will open the door and take out the parts to complete the entire cleaning process.

1) The working chamber of the TS-L-WP series spray cleaning machine is composed of an inner chamber, a thermal insulation layer and an outer shell, so as to ensure the thermal insulation performance of the equipment; the cleaning chamber is welded by SUS304 stainless steel, and the outer shell is treated with steel plate painting .

2) Cleaning platform material SUS304 stainless steel welding
3) Multi-angle spray pipe, made of SUS304 stainless steel; some spray pipes can be adjusted in angle to meet the cleaning of parts of different sizes;
4) Move the stainless steel filter basket for the filtration of the cleaned liquid back to the liquid storage tank
5) The liquid storage tank is equipped with an oil-water separation device to protect the liquid level;
6) The stainless steel heating tube is embedded in the liquid storage tank;
7) Stainless steel pipeline pump, with a removable filter device installed at the inlet;
8) The cleaning machine is equipped with a mist exhaust fan, which is used to discharge the hot steam after cleaning;
9) PLC control, used for equipment monitoring, all fault information and working parameters can be viewed and set;
10) The intelligent reservation heating device can preheat the equipment liquid in advance;
11) Electronic pressure gauge, automatically shut down the pump when the pipeline is blocked;
12) The work door is equipped with a safety electronic lock, and the door remains locked when the work is not completed.
13) Optional tooling accessories are suitable for cleaning different parts.


Model Oversize Basket diameter Cleaning height Capacity Heating Pump Pressure Pump flow
TS-L-WP1200 2000×2000×2200mm
27kw 7.5kw 6-7Bar 
TS-L-WP1400 2200×2300×2200mm
27kw 7.5kw 6-7Bar
TS-L-WP1600 2400×2400×2400mm
27kw 11kw 6-7Bar
TS-L-WP1800 2600×3200×3600mm
33kw 22kw 6-7Bar



1) Before using the appointment heating function, the time should be adjusted to suit the local time through the touch screen;
2) Make sure that the cleaning objects do not exceed the allowable size and weight requirements of the equipment;
3) Use low-foaming cleaning agent, and satisfy 7≦Ph≦13;
4) The equipment regularly cleans the pipes and nozzles



The equipment is very suitable for the cleaning of large diesel engine parts, construction machinery parts, large compressors, heavy motors and other parts. It can quickly realize the cleaning treatment of heavy oil stains and other stubborn sundries on the surface of parts.
With pictures: pictures of the actual cleaning site, and video of the cleaning effect of parts