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Mechanical Control Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime—even in the smallest of crevices.  It’s high-performance cleaning that cleans your parts faster and cheaper than the alternatives.The equipment volume ranges from 2 liters to 30 liters. If you need a larger volume cleaning machine, please check other catalogs. -Stamping tank without welding gap for better waterproof . -Stainless steel SUS304 tank . -Powerful ultrasonic transducer for efficiency and cleaning effect . -Stainless steel housing, tank and lid, beautiful and generous . -Drainage and cool fan are available for 6L and above volume models, convenient to use . -Special cooling system, components working more steady . -Ceramic heaters for better heating effect . -Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB, capable for different working environments .
Model Dimension(mm) Tank size(mm) Volume Ultrasound
TSX-60T 190×170×220 150x140x100 2ltr. (0.5gallons) 60W
TSX-120T 270×170×240 240x140x100 3ltr.(0.8gallons) 120W
TSX-180T 330×180×310 300x150x150 6ltr.(1.6gallons) 180W
TSX-240T 330×270×310 300x240x150 10ltr.(2.7gallons) 240W
TSX-360T 360×330×310 330x300x150 15ltr.(4gallons) 360W
TSX-480T 550×330×310 500x300x150 22ltr.(5.8gallons) 480W
TSX-600T 550×330×360 500x300x200 30ltr.(8gallons) 600W
    Electronics, hardware, medical treatment, tattoo, jewelry, glasses, chemical industry, laboratories of scientific research units of colleges and universities, clocks and watches, aerospace manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, circuit boards, computer motherboards and accessories, etc. It is used for degassing, defoaming, emulsification, mixing, replacement, cell crushing, disinfection and cleaning in laboratories of biochemical, physical, chemical, medical research and schools.