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Industrial Cabinet Parts Washers TS-P Series

The parts cleaning machine of TS-P series is a simplified and lightweight design based on the TS-L-WP model. The product is more suitable for the cleaning of some lightweight parts.

The operator places the parts in the cleaning basket of the cleaning room, and starts cleaning after closing the door; during the cleaning process, the basket rotates 360 degrees driven

by the motor, and the spray pump The parts are rinsed and the cleaning medium is recycled. The cleaning work is completed within the set time, and the parts can be taken out manually by opening the door.

1) All stainless steel cabinet construction
2) Platfrom made of SUS304 
3) Multi-angle nozzles are made of SUS304 stainless steel;some nozzles can be adjusted in angle to meet the cleaning of parts of different sizes;
4)Oil skimmer 
5) Stainless steel heating tube
6) Independent control cabinet, button start

7) Electronic pressure gauge, automatically shut down the pump when the pipeline is blocked;

8) The door adopts stainless steel mechanical lock and is equipped with travel switch detection
9) Optional tooling accessories are suitable for cleaning different parts.





Model Dimension Turntable diameter Cleaning height Load capacity Heating Pump Pressure Pump flow
TS-P800   150*140*191cm  









11kw 4.4KW 5bar




1) Ensure that the cleaning objects do not exceed the allowable size and weight requirements of the equipment;
2) Use low-foaming cleaning agent, and satisfy 7≦Ph≦13;
3) The equipment regularly cleans the pipes and nozzles
4) When using tooling accessories, make sure that the tooling accessories are installed in place