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Indonesian Customers Visit Tense Factory, Looking Forward to Build Long-Term Cooperation.

In mid-November, we received customers from Indonesia; They carry parts that need to be cleaned; Materials are aluminum parts and copper parts; Surface contaminants are similar to oil; There is a little oxide on the surface of copper parts; During the visit, on the first day, we cleaned the aluminum parts by the TS series single slot ultrasonic cleaning equipment; The next day; Cleaning of copper parts; Cleaning effect to achieve customer satisfaction.

The customer conducted a cleaning test for different periods of time, the first is 2 minutes of cleaning to check the result; Repeat operation 8 times; Check the cleaning effect at different times.

When cleaning copper parts, a professional cleaning agent is used, and it can be observed that the green pollutants are slowly dissolved in the cleaning process. The copper piece shows its original color.

At the same time, we also introduced the throwing ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The following is the detailed communication between the customer and Mr. Allen.The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC, and all working parameters are set by touching the LCD screen. The operator places the parts on the material carrier through the hoisting equipment, and starts the cleaning equipment with one key. The parts automatically descend and sink into the aqueous solution of the tank body; during the cleaning process, the pneumatic lifting device moves up and down to reduce the dead angle of cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, the parts will automatically rise out of the water surface to complete a complete cleaning process.


customer visit

This kind of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has a number of models, can meet the different sizes of parts cleaning, welcome inquiry.