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How to clean transmission parts?

Automobile transmission is the main part of the vehicle, maintenance and replacement costs are not low. So, the car should usually pay more attention to maintenance, speaking of maintenance, many people want to ask how to clean the gearbox? Do you need to wash frequently? What equipment is used for cleaning?

First, clean the internal parts of the transmission

Mainly cleaning torque converter and radiator. But both parts are relatively difficult.

Torque converter has many folds, it is easy to hide dirty things, when cleaning to be careful.

There are a lot of curved pipes inside the radiator, it is not convenient to clean up, not easy to clean up, so the cleaning method is very important.

There are many ways to clean, to see what kind of repair stores. The main methods are: special detergent (acid, neutral, alkaline), compressed air pressure cleaning, three polyethylene steam cleaning. (There should be some customers worried about the bad cleaning effect and directly choose to replace new parts)

2. Clean the internal stains of the gearbox

The transmission oil is not replaced in time or the inferior oil is replaced, which leads to the internal parts of the transmission mud, carbon accumulation and other wear and tear, the oil flow in the valve body oil pipe is blocked, and even the internal parts of the transmission are burned out. In the choice of appropriate cleaning agent at the same time with our company’s industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment https://www.china-tense.net/industrial-ultrasonic-cleaner-washer-product/, can be a good solution to the problem of cleaning.