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Direct Feedback from TENSE Industrial Cleaning Equipment Project

TENSE specializes in the production of industrial cleaning equipment;The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC, and all working parameters are set by touch screen. The operator places the parts to be washed on the rotating tray through the hoisting tool (provided by the owner), and the spray pipes are arranged in multiple directions. After the manual door is closed, the equipment enters the cleaning state, and the rotating tray can rotate 360 degrees within a set time. Completes flushing of parts with a status indication of completion; cleaning fluid is recycled. Spray cleaning machine  can quickly and efficiently remove heavy oil parts. Greatly reduce cleaning time. This device can carry a maximum weight of 4 tons.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is suitable for the cleaning of more complex parts, and can clean parts more thoroughly. In providing the above equipment services at the same time, we also professional to provide customers with related products,according to the specific needs of customers, to provide appropriate and reasonable solutions; Like the paint room.

The paint booth is a facility specially used for spraying and drying coatings. It has the following characteristics: 

Environmental control: The paint booth has a strict environmental control system, which can effectively control temperature, humidity, air flow and filtration to ensure stable management conditions during the spraying process to obtain the best spraying effect. 

Ventilation system: The paint booth is equipped with a powerful ventilation system to eliminate harmful gases and pollutants generated during the spraying process and keep the air in the work area clean. 

SPRAY CLEANING MACHINE Drying device: The paint baking room is equipped with a special drying device, which can quickly dry the coating through hot air or infrared heating to improve production efficiency. 

Safety measures: The paint room is equipped with safety equipment, such as fire alarm systems and automatic fire extinguishing systems, to ensure the safety of the working environment and prevent accidents such as fires. 

Noise control: The paint booth adopts sound insulation design and noise control measures to reduce the impact of noise generated during the spraying and drying process on the surrounding environment and workers. 

Flexibility: The paint booth can be adjusted and customized according to different spraying needs to accommodate workpieces of different sizes and shapes. 

In general, the paint booth provides a well-controlled, safe and efficient spraying and drying environment that meets environmental protection requirements and can effectively improve product quality and production efficiency.



The equipment is very suitable for the cleaning of large diesel engine parts, construction machinery parts, large compressors, heavy motors and other parts. It can quickly realize the cleaning treatment of heavy oil stains and other stubborn sundries on the surface of parts.
With pictures: pictures of the actual cleaning site, and video of the cleaning effect of parts

This kind of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has a number of models, can meet the different sizes of parts cleaning, welcome inquiry.