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Cleaning of gearbox parts

During the use of the gearbox, carbon deposits, gums and other substances will be generated inside, and will continue to accumulate and eventually become sludge. These deposited substances will increase the fuel consumption of the engine, reduce the power, fail to meet the requirements of a more precise fit with the engine, and even cause damage to the engine in severe cases.

Today we will give a brief explanation on the cleaning of this part; the following parts cleaning introduction is a case selected from our cooperative customers for your understanding.

1: The cleaning of the gearbox housing can be divided into high-pressure spray cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning

1-1 High-pressure cleaning generally washes away some small pieces of sludge on the surface after manual treatment of heavy oil and sludge.

High-pressure cleaning can quickly wash off the heavy oil on the surface, saving time for the next cleaning

1-2 Ultrasonic cleaning: After high-pressure cleaning, ultrasonic equipment is used for further cleaning; it can clean more complicated parts. Our company specializes in the production of industrial cleaning equipment; we provide different types of ultrasonic cleaning machines, which can meet parts of different sizes.

2 Cleaning of valve plates, steel friction plates, clutch drums, gears, bearings and other metal parts.

Valve plate measurement size: 30*15cm

The diameter of the clutch drum generally does not exceed 20cm, and the height does not exceed 40cm. Generally, 7-8 sets of clutch drums can be removed from the gearbox; About 1200*600*600mm; it can meet the cleaning of most gearbox parts; at the same time, it needs to use cleaning agent; the cleaning temperature is recommended to be set at 60-65°C.